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Wah Taj 2016 Movie Free Download HD 720p

Wah Taj 2016 Movie Free Download HD 720p, It’s a bright day in Agra. Individuals are preparing to take off to work while voyagers are arranging at the Taj mahal. Yet, outside Taj Mahal, the environment is unique. Tukaram Marathe, his better half Sundari and their little girl have made a case for the arrive on which Taj Mahal stands. Tukaram says the land had a place with his progenitors and requests it back. His claim is transferred by the media and this puts the experts in real life. The prison serve Visarjan Yadav is sent to deal with things yet he winds up exacerbating the situation. Tukaram and Sundari decline to down and sit on a yearning strike on the Yamuna fields.

Wah Taj 2016 Full Movie Download HD, Rehashed endeavors from Yadav and the Chief Minister yield no outcomes and the case goes to court. Here, Tukaram is solicited to display evidence from his claim. He shows letters from Emperors Humayun and Akbar routed to his predecessors and subsequent to testing, it gives the idea that the letters are real. Till the issue is in court, Tukaram requests the Taj Mahal to be closed down for travelers. After much pondering, Tukaram and Sundari hit an arrangement with the administration. They request to be given land somewhere else in the nation for cultivating. This request is conceded yet the issue doesn’t end there. The land they haphazardly select, has a place with a major industrialist who isn’t willing to give up off it. Unfit to arm-wind the administration, the industrialist procures an executioner to complete Tukaram.

Wah Taj 2016 Movie Free Download HD 720p

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