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I Feel Pretty 2018 Movie Free Download HD 720p


I Feel Pretty 2018 New Movie Download HD 720p, Renee Bennett (Amy Schumer) is a normal, overweight but healthy 30-something woman with major self-esteem issues. The film starts off by immediately establishing this in a series of short moments of her day to day life. She visits a clothing store where she is told by a clerk that her plus size may be better found on their online store. She visits a Soul Cycle class. In the locker room, she encounters a woman who far more matches Western beauty standards: thin, young, classic features. This woman is surprisingly friendly to Renee, asking if she too is there for the first time. This takes Renee aback as she is not used to beautiful women being kind to her. Renee then tries to participate in the class, but her bicycle seat collapses underneath her and slams into her groin, injuring her. (This is not because of her body weight but because the seat was not properly screwed in, but she takes it personally.)

I Feel Pretty 2018 New Movie Download HD 720p, That night Renee gets together with her two best friends, Vivian (Aidy Bryant) and Jane (Busy Philipps.) In getting ready to meet them, Renee tries to follow along with styling instructional videos on YouTube but fails. She also reads gossip about the LeClaire family.After meeting up, the three sign up for a dating service where groups of three friends go out on triple-dates, and they discuss how no one on dating apps ever looks past the picture. They pose for group photos and decide on one to upload to the site. Then they go out for drinks and dancing. Renee’s lack of self-confidence makes it difficult for her to get drinks at the bar. When Renee gets home that night, she undresses in front of the mirror and feels badly over her plump body and appearance.

I Feel Pretty 2018 New Movie Download HD 720p

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