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Fanney Khan 2018 Movie Free Download HD Cam


Fanney Khan 2018 Movie Free Download HD Cam

Fanney Khan 2018 Movie Free Download HD Cam Prashant Kumar “Fanney Khan”, a part-time vocalist in an orchestra, dreams of becoming a singer but circumstances prevent him from being one. He rushes to the hospital and holds his newborn daughter, whom he names Lata, after the name of famous singer Lata Mangeshkar. Lata has a really good voice but is made fun because of her overweight. She is a big fan of Baby Singh(Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), a famous singer, who would be fed up of her life and wants a break. Prashant’s factory will be closed and he will be seen as a taxi driver, his new job.

Once, coincidentally, Baby Singh travels in Prashant’s taxi. When asked for water, Prashant mixes his sleeping pills in her water bottle. He calls his best friend Adhir(Rajkummar Rao) and tells him that he is kidnapping Baby Singh to release an album of his daughter. With a lot of request, Adhir agrees to help him. During this incident, Adhir and Baby Singh become really good friends. Adhir finally takes her out and she enjoys. She also thanks him for bringing her dog, Ustaad who she consideres her true friend but problems arise when Prashant watches the TV where police gets to know that Baby Singh is kidnapped as the watchman of Baby Singh’s house reveals that he saw a man(Adhir) kidnapping her dog.Fanney Khan 2018 Movie Free Download HD Cam.

Prashant asks Baby’s director to release an album of his daughter but wears a mask of Rajnikant. Lata is really excited about her own album and after recording, she talks about her experience from which, the director gets to know that her father is the kidnapper and he is famous with the name of Fanney Khan. He recognizes him in their next meeting. Prashant finally removes his mask and reveals that he can trust him and his friend Adhir.

Lata is replaced by Baby Singh to perform in Reality Show(India ki Awaaz). Meanwhile, Adhir and Baby are nowhere to be found. Police and TV reporters agree to cast him live with his daughter before she performs. Lata realizes that the song she is going to sing was written by her father. She sings and makes her parents feel proud. Later, a video releases where Baby and Adhir are in a living relationship and are in a vacation. They both admit that they are a big fan of Lata Sharma. The film ends with the society praising Lata and the hard work done by Prashant to make his daughter a singer.Fanney Khan 2018 Movie Free Download HD 720p.

Fanney Khan 2018 Movie Free Download HD Cam

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